In previous posts, we talked separately about virtual reality and augmented reality. This sort of technology enables two views of the world. But the concepts can be unclear. In many cases, we can think that VR and AR are the same thing. That is why it is good to know what the difference between these two realities is. What is the point that separates them?

As written, with Virtual Reality, it is about a three-dimensional image or virtual-artificial environment and enables an immersive experience. With it, we want to achieve immersion and presentation in such a way all temporary deviations in the virtual environment are accepted as a real. To use Virtual Reality we need specially created glasses through which we can step into the virtual environment. Technology at Augmented Reality enables enrichment or extension of the physical world with adding virtual information. Therefore, it enables adding virtual elements and content. To be able to use Augmented Reality we need a smart device with the pre-loaded application, like a tablet or smartphone, which has a built-in camera.

Technology, which is used to implement one or the other option, is the first difference. But we think that the key difference between Virtual and Augmented Reality is the way of presenting the environment. At Virtual Reality, we want to achieve total immersion into an artificially created environment. In other words, we put the real world into the virtual. The best example is to put the person into a virtual environment with the use of special glasses, which later relives this environment as a first-person experience – with walk through the environment and possibility of interactivity (moving the objects, opening and closing the doors/windows/closets and other activities, which are simulating the activities of the real world).

On the other hand, we have Augmented Reality, which in contrast with Virtual Reality – adding real world into virtual – adds virtual elements into the real/actual world. Therefore, we add virtual created elements into the real world, with that we are upgrading our seeable world with the help of Augmented Reality with various content. Content, which is being added can be or video recording, 3D model, animation, link or other. Such an application enables many solutions, which can be adapted according to customer wishes.

S sledilnikom

Virtual Reality

Brez sledilnika

Augmented Reality

To all content, it can be content in Virtual or Augmented Reality, we can add interactivity. And this is the common point of these two technologies. As mentioned, we can move objects or in other way influence the environment in Virtual Reality. This is also possible with Augmented Reality, with setting up of virtual elements into the real world. These elements can be set info environment any way we want, it offers the possibility of touch-animation, connects individual elements, enables setting up more virtual elements in the environment and much more. The difference is that in one option we influence the virtual world, in the other on the real one.

At Virtual Reality, it is a more immersive experience, but Augmented Reality enables more freedom for the users and more options for advertisers, as it does not need a headset for use and display.

Examples of Virtual and Augmented Reality:

  • Shark: in Virtual Reality, we can swim with a shark, in Augmented Reality the shark can be seen on our business card or poster
  • Movie: in Virtual Reality, we can visit the cinema and watch the movie, in Augmented Reality we can add the movie to the advertising catalog

We presented the main difference between the two technologies, but each enables many options in business, as well as in the private field. We just have to know what goal we want to achieve. This is why, it is good to know what our goal is, and then we will easily determine the means of how to reach it.

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