The purpose of proofreading or revision of the texts is, that the final form of your text is grammatically correct, with appropriate punctuation and correctly written words. Generally every text should be reviewed, which will be visible to the general public, including degree papers, dissertations and essays, as well as articles, books and other official texts. Of course, it would be proper to review all the text for use on the internet, since with correct texts we teach the crowd of correct writing and use of the language.

Proofreading of degree papers, dissertations and essays (also abstracts in English language), articles and posts for print or web, as well as other texts. We ensure that the entire text is quality and thoroughly reviewed. Proofreading includes the correct positioning, punctuation and revision of individual words, so they are written correctly, without missing or incorrectly placed letters. At the end of proofreading, your text will be linguistically and stylistically correct.

We have many year of experience with proofreading, as we strive to preserve the language and its regularities. Our goal is proper and flawless text and satisfied costumer.

What we guarantee:

  • Quality and thoroughly reviewed text
  • The proofreading done within the agreed time
  • Reachability by agreement
  • Anonymity and data protection or the content


Let us know your wishes and we will create an attractive story! You are only a step away from a quality and thoroughly revision of the text. We have many years of experience in the field of proofreading. Contact us and provide your self a complete service.

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