Creation of logotype for suite Brlog, located in Upper Carniola. In the frame of preparing the logotype, we made a study of the area around and define what is Slovenia most known about, whereby we have chosen the highest Slovenian mountain Triglav, spruces, which are located at the foot of the mountain and because Slovenia is in majority covered with forests, and bear that Slovenia is also known by. Triglav represents might, size and at the same time, it offers shelter for wild animals, among them is bear. Which, as it is known, moves in the forests. This environment offers him a living environment in which, it made himself a den.

After we created a story, we defined typography for name Brlog and motto Your wild escape. We put it all together in a completed story, where the bear walks in the forest under the mountain. We created a monochrome and colored version of the logotype. At the colored version of the logotype, we used three colors: green as a color of spruce, brown as a color of bear and gray-blue as the color of the mountain.

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