Web page, web business card, banners, social network and individual web elements are the first contact with your old or new costumer. On the basis of this most of them desides wether to stay and get more information about you or leave the page without special impression. It is important that the graphics is prepaired on the right and satisfactory way, so it must me attractive and convenient. Do not underestimate your costumers and ther knowledge. People are visual types of person, so most of the things we watch with our eyes and we also judge them this way.


Production of attractive, responsive and convenient web pages for companies or for home use. Web page is the first contact with your costumer online, this is why it must be attractive and prepaired in a way, that you keep the costumer as long as possible. Web page must, besides attractive and not long texts, have attractive graphic image. Graphic image includes images, navigation, icons, header and footer of the page, links and other elements. We take care for your web page in a whole, from domain, server to the graphic desing of the page.

We also deal with opening and designing the blogs. Blog is meant for content sharing for educational, informational, experiential and other purposes. Bloga can work as a supprt to your web page or it can be independent unit. This is way it must be attractive and convenient, but despite that accent must be on the text.

Write us your wishes about the web page or blog, and we will prepair you an offer and design web page, which will be proportionate with your complete visual image, as well as with its final purpose. Before we start designing the web page, we always examine already done graphic forms, as we do not want to deviate from the main form. At the same time we give advice if any novelties are necessary, which are needed or desired to make.


You do not need real web page, but only web business card? Then we are the right adress, as we make representative web page, which would be attractive and will on limited space offer all necessary informations for your costumers or visitors of the page. Creating the page according to your alread made complete visual image, as we want, that your business card is proportionated with it.

Business card must be simple, readable and at the same time attractive. When costumer visits your page, she must in short time get all informations, which are needed about your company – name of the company, activity, short description, contact and other smaller details. With online business card we must focus on providing fast and clear informations.

Only with a simple web business card you can get new costumers. Too complicated pages are not attractive and thus drive people away from it, most likely to your competition. That is why it is necessary, that the business card is completed and as minimal as possible.


Maybe you do not need entire web page, but only individual elements for it, or for business card or web portal. We design all necessary elements, which you need, to equip your web page – navigation, icons, buttons, image material, images for slider, image for header and other elements as desired.

Elements are designed according to the style of your company, that is why we always examine complete visual image and other elements. The key is, that also at designing of individual elements, we follow guidelines of your company – both in shape and color.

Write us your wishes and needs, and we will prepair you an offer and design all necessary web elements. Accordint to the agreement, we prepair all elements in desired size and format (JPG, PNG, GIF)


Besides the web page, business card or individual web elements, on web you also need web banners, which are today already in many different formats. It depends of the individual page and the layout of banner on the page – head, footer, side menu or between the content.

First we design one format of web banner and we work on this one until you are note satesfied. Once the banner is confirmed, we start to prepair other formats. Here are necessary small or big adpatations, it depends of the size and its orientation – vertical or horizontal.

But this for us does not represent any truble, we fully desing banners and them prepair for all agreed formats. Beside the agareement about the design of web banner we need requirements of the web page you are going to publish your banners, what you get at the owner of tha named web page.


In todays times, times of digital content, social networks represent one of the most imporatant networks, where we must be present. Because we are with this better seen and also we can easily access to our old and new costumers. Only good standing and designed social page can attract new costumers. That is why it is important that this part of the web is not neglected and give it a large part of your time.

We design graphic for you (profile picture, cover photo) for all social networks on which you are or will be present. As this is your first contact with your costumer on social network, let it be attractive and convenient. On limited space you must provide key informations about your company or activity, which you do. Only this way, they will follow your page or like it.

Besides alreday mentioned graphics for social networks, we desing other graphics, which is usuallly used inside posts. Once we have nicely designed social network, we must not forget that also our posts must be attractive. That is why it is important to put some time also to this, so we can hold our costumers with our posts, so they read it and based on that decide to use your services or to buy your product.


Let us know your wishes and we will create an attractive story! You are only a step away from a quality and unique web design. Design with creativity and crazy ideas. Contact us and provide your self a complete service.

E-mail: 3ddesignmedia@gmail.com | M: +386 (0)40 418 122



Creation and preparation of the whole graphic for organization Factory of Sound, electronic music events.
Web site: Factory of Sound


Recording of Themed hike On our own land and preparation of promo video, preparation of logotype in English and banner design.


Editing a website MySolfeggio – translation, English page, editing of photographs and texts.
Web page: MySolfeggio


Designing of web banners and preparation of different formats. Layout of the elements, preparation of texts and editing and preparation of photos.


Creating the visual image and web page, care for the whole brand, adding content, advertising.
Web page: travel-slovenia.si


Designing of web banners for hotel and inn Triglav. Layout of the elements and preparation of different formats for Siol web page.


Participation in the project of creating an application based on augmented reality Guide2Music.
Web page: guide2music


Desiging of web page and printed graphic elements. Printed material, banner, stickers and other graphic designs for company.


Designing of web banners for energy therapist Elana Sofie Seničar. Layout of the elements and preparation of different formats for web.


Maribor launderette is a Hardtechno event in Maribor. For mentioned event we prepared various graphic designs according to the theme of the event.


Production of a complete corporate image and VI book, setting up a website, preparation and editing of all texts, preparation and print of all matter.