Augmented Reality enables enrichment of the real world, therefore placing virtual content into the real world and with that changes the view on the world as we know it. You can read what Augmented Reality is in a post HERE, as well as what is the difference between Augmented and Virtual Reality HERE.

In today’s post, we will write about the options that Augmented Reality offers. With the development of technology, and with smartphones and tablets, the field of Augmented Reality became accessible to the user. This way, it is not limited to big media/corporations, who can afford it, but is practically accessible on every smart device, which has a built-in camera. The camera is the basis for tracking the tracker on which selected content is then shown. Tracker is a 2D image, through which our camera reads the base and puts certain content on it, which can be a video recording, 3D model, animation, sound, web link or other.

It also can be used without the tracker, where the surfaces of the real world becomes the base for showing the content. It can be the road, sidewalk, closet or other objects. Content, which can be shown is the same as mentioned above. This way the option of use of Augmented Reality expands the options of use with a covering of real objects. Which can be combined with GPS coordinates and we can create a virtual guide around the city or on this basis cover the entire real world and show completely virtual one. This is the option, which offers the option of changing the view of the real world and opens the world of new experiences.

S sledilnikom

3D animacija

S sledilnikom

3D model in gumb do spletne strani

S sledilnikom

Video posnetek


3D model in zvok

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3D animacija in video posnetek


3D animacija in zvok

S sledilnikom

Spletna povezava


Video posnetek in spletna povezava

The most widely known case, we could say worldwide, of use of Augmented Reality is application Pokemon GO, which entirely changed the perception of the world, and enabled the use outside and interaction with the real world on a completely new level. If we look little back in the past, we could see the use of Augmented Reality only on television, even though we did not perceive it that way. We introduce some of the possibilities on the of a football match and the use of Augmented Reality:

  • Showing with an arrow how the ball traveled or could have traveled
  • To show individual players, the layout on the field, to show the logo of the team and other
  • To show promotional material, which can be different on individual screens

Augmented Reality to show teams

Augmented content on various screens

But with development of new technologies, also the field of Augmented Reality is changing, and this is why it is in such an increase, as it can be used in almost every aspect of our life’s, both in business as in private world. Below we introduce some of the categories where Augmented Reality is already being used or could be used:

  • Publishing
  • Architecture
  • Sport
  • Automobile industry
  • Archeology
  • Education
  • Advertising
  • History
  • Literature
  • Health
  • Art
  • Industry
  • Simulations
  • Military
  • Navigation
  • Workspace
  • Event streaming
  • Museums
  • Galleries
  • Music
  • Retail

All the above listed fields are just some in which Augmented Reality can be used, as it enables almost unlimited possibilities of use and to achieve the final goal. As already mentioned, with the development of technologies we can intercede on all aspects of life, enrich them and change the view on the world. There is only a question of how far we can see and how wide we can think. The biggest obstacle here are we ourselves if we are ready to think wider and out of the box, we can create the most interesting and unforgettable experiences for the users and advertisers. So, Augmented Reality offers more immersive user experience and enables the users greater experience while using.

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