In previous posts, we talked separately about virtual reality and augmented reality. This sort of technology enables two views of the world. But the concepts can be unclear. In many cases, we can think that VR and AR are the same thing. That is why it is good to know what the difference between these two realities is. What is the point that separates them?

As written, with Virtual Reality, it is about a three-dimensional image or virtual-artificial environment and enables an immersive experience. With it, we want to achieve immersion and presentation in such a way all temporary deviations in the virtual environment are accepted as a real. To use Virtual Reality we need specially created glasses through which we can step into the virtual environment. Technology at Augmented Reality enables enrichment or extension of the physical world with adding virtual information. Therefore, it enables adding virtual elements and content. To be able to use Augmented Reality we need a smart device with the pre-loaded application, like a tablet or smartphone, which has a built-in camera.

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Augmented Reality is a technology that enriches or extends our physical environment by adding virtual information. To put it differently, Augmented Reality enables adding virtual elements – like videos, 3D models, animation, connections, and more – to the real world. By doing so, we can change the perception of the real world.

The term itself dates back to the year 1990, and the first use of Augmented Reality for commercial use was on television and the military. With the development of the Internet and smartphones, the Augmented Reality moved to the second phase of development, and today it is largely connected with interactivity. It allows the content to be directly projected onto physical objects, thereby merging with real time.

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