Augmented Reality enables enrichment of the real world, therefore placing virtual content into the real world and with that changes the view on the world as we know it. You can read what Augmented Reality is in a post HERE, as well as what is the difference between Augmented and Virtual Reality HERE.

In today’s post, we will write about the options that Augmented Reality offers. With the development of technology, and with smartphones and tablets, the field of Augmented Reality became accessible to the user. This way, it is not limited to big media/corporations, who can afford it, but is practically accessible on every smart device, which has a built-in camera. The camera is the basis for tracking the tracker on which selected content is then shown. Tracker is a 2D image, through which our camera reads the base and puts certain content on it, which can be a video recording, 3D model, animation, sound, web link or other.

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