A project of visualization of the house, balcony, and yard in front of the house. Visualization of the facade in white color with the addition of stone belt on front and side part of the house, the color combination of windows and doors (garage doors, entrance doors, balcony doors) and window shelf. Preparation of balcony with stairs, wooden floors in color of windows and doors, the edge of the balcony is in marble and fence from stainless steel. Preparation of free-standing canopy, wooden construction, individual wooden beams are covered with tinplate. Demonstration of the layout of hexagonal black paves, at grass areas they are separated with the flat garden curb. Due to incline in front of the garage, we added a drain for water disposal. Visualization of grass and plants, correction of the left part, so it is the same as the right in front of the house.

In the first phase of the project we visited the location, viewed the location and photographed it and together with the owners created a sketch. Followed by 3D modeling of the entire environment (house, balcony, yard, little house, canopy, and other elements). After that, we textured and prepared all the materials and added the lights. The final render was made without shadows, because of the easier display of the layout. Preparation of the brochure with the legend of materials and closer renders of individual parts of the house or yard for easier view. Additional render contains v version with shadows. The purpose of the project was to show the layout according to the wishes of the client and for easier communication with their contractor.


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