We have a sense of aesthetics and imagination to create a variety of stories, which in the end must provide information about your company. The first contact with the costumer is always important. That is why at 3D Design Media we always focus on each client when designing, taking into account their suggestions and wishes when creating a graphic design. At the same time we try to inhale creative solutions to the final form, which you will proudly present to the world.


Complete visual image or visual representation represents the identity of the company or the first contact with your costumers. The design effects strongly on the attraction of the costumers. With designing of complete visual image, you create a trade mark, express your strategy and mission of the company.

For this reason, the image of your company must be unique and quickly recognizable. With well-elaborated image you gain an added value and an advantage over your competitors. When designing the complete visual image, we always focus in getting to know the company, to best revolve the story around its essence.

Complete visual image takes a variety of graphic designs, which depends on your activity. The most important and always present form is logotype, which must be recognizable, appealing and simple. The complete visual image of the company is then built around the logotype.


Logotype must represent the company and its activity, which is why we are dedicated to inform ourselves about the company and its activities. Logotype must be simple, recognizable and enjoyable. It must contain clean lines, without unwanted complicated forms.

Logotype is a sign or symbol that your costumers get to know. It is a trademark of the company and around it the entire story of the company is built. Therefore, it must tell who you are, what you are and what you are dealing with. First and foremost it must quickly and effectively address your costumers.

When creating the logotype, the typography, representative symbol, size and colour must be defined. All together must be placed in right ratio with attractive layout. The colour in its self is a very important element for recognisability of your company, so it must be part of the final story and to emanate you and your company.


Prints comprise many different graphic forms, and this are all graphic designs, which are in the end printed onto a paper or other similar material. Prepared print must perfect, design-innovative, high quality and transparent.

Prints offer support or are the part of an advertising campaigns of your company, and therefore present an important representative role. In expended version they tell the whole story of your company that is a description of your company and activities. Good print displays your relationship with your costumers.

Despite the fact that in the present time everything appears online in virtual form, it is important not to forget the printed material. As they still represent a great value as a tangible form of advertising. We design leaflets, posters, magazines, brochures, business cards, coupons, catalogues, newspapers, jumbo posters, folders, invitations, greeting cards, regula & wall stickers, banner and other printed materials.


Textiles also represent a part of graphic design, which many companies do not use. But textiles, in the form of T-shirts, caps, sweatshirts, coats or other clothes, can be an ideal promotion of your company. Either you wear the clothes or give it to your costumers.

Once you work perfectly and in benefit of your costumers, they will proudly put on your shirt or other piece of clothes. Textiles can be used as a promotion of your business or as transmission of information, slogans or other phrases. In the form of textile design you further contribute to the recognisability of your company.

We also design other graphic forms for textile, whether it is humorous or for a bachelor/bachelorette party. Or you can provide your favourite graphic design, which we will design and transfer to you new shirt, sweater or hat. T-shirts are good opportunity for funny adventures or it can be used as a memory.


Let us know your wishes and we will create an attractive story! You are only a step away from a quality and unique graphic design. Design with creativity and crazy ideas. Contact us and provide yourself a complete service.

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Flower design according to the wishes of the client, the choosen color is green in different shades. Preparation for print, printing and wall plastering.


Making and printing of T-Shirts with motive at the front and back side, editing the signatures and preparation for printing. Preparation of graphics for printing.


Maribor launderette is a Hardtechno event in Maribor. For mentioned event we prepared various graphic designs according to the theme of the event.


Creating the magazine Kongres magazine, Conventa advert, PPT presentation, brochure, web banner, 360° Mice Activation logotype, promotion material.


Designing of posters for conferences and other purposes. Layout of the elements according to the agreement with author and defining the background color.


Designing of web page and printed graphic elements. Printed material, banner, stickers and other graphic designs for company.


Participation in the project of creating an application based on augmented reality Guide2Music.
Web page: guide2music


Designing and placement of monthly magazine of regional craftsman-economic chamber Ljubljana Vič Naša pot.
Web page:


Designing of different graphic shapes for Doterra presentations in Slovenia. Designing of brochure, flyer, FB cover photo and invitations.


Designing and preparation of graphics for women’s and men’s T-Shirts with various motifs and thrust of T-shirts.
Facebook page: T-Shirts with motifs


Creating the visual image and web page, care for the whole brand, adding content, advertising.
Web page:


Designing of gift coupon for photography. Preparation of photography, defining of typography and layout of all elements. Designing of four different examples.


Designing of coupons according to the content and agreement with the costumer. Coupon shape definition, typography and layout of the elements.


Designing of logotype and business cards for company 3D Sprintaj, which used to work with 3D printing and production of 3D printers.


Designing of web banners and preparation of different formats. Layout of the elements, preparation of texts and editing and preparation of photos.


Designing the menu for bar of Park hotel, which was used as a label on black grounding. Definition of typography and drawing of individual elements.


Designing the poster for International conference about colloids in hotel Union, September 2018. Layout of the elements and defining the background color.


Designing and print of T-shirts for fun. Designing the logotype according to the T-shirt’s theme and designing and placement of other elements.