Augmented reality is technology, which with additional content/information augments or enriches the image of real the world. It is about putting virtual content into the real world. You can add to your content an image, animation, video, sound, 3D model, link to your web page or other content. We will give life to your prints, products, services, … and revive them with creative content.


Augmented reality offer numerous options, how can your content, product or service becomes more interesting for your costumers. With a help of augmented reality you change your prints (flyer, poster, brochure, magazine, transparent, …), T-shirts, wall stickers, napkin, floor, mouse pad, bussines card or any other content into more interesting form.

Step into the world of interactivity with application, which is based on augmented reality. Possibilities to improve your 2D content are unlimited. Boring and daily content will soon become much more interesting, and you will easily reach your goals. Offer your costumers a special user experience and revive your content. With augmented reality you can step out of grey middle, become something more and improve your approach with a step into the future.

Write us your wishes, which we will together review, give you suggestions and we believe that with cooperation we will reach desired goal. Offer your costumers something more on limited space. We believe, they will love it. Inspire them with your innovativity and step into inevitably future.


Revive your product and offer your costumers, besides pleasure with your product, something more. Let your product become fun, infomational, educational or somehow differently informational. Augment it with additional content and offer your costumers addicitona value. With a help of application you will be able to communicate with your costumer.

Besides pleasure with your product, they will also get user experience, which the costumer will get while using your product. At the sam time the costumer will remember your product much faster and more thoroughly. Step into the future and free your self of ancient way.

Write us and we will help you. We will concentrate to your wishes and offer you the best final product with content, which is most suitable to reach your goals.


You have an idea for application, but you do not know how to make it. At 3D Design Media you suggestions and wishes will be carefully studied and we will offer you the best solution for your product or service. We produce application with user interface and user experience, which will blow the minds of your costumers.

Application will be produced with cooperation up to the final product on which you will be proud of and will take it into the world with joy. And we will reach our goal, your satisfaction with final product. As we are aware that not only you, also your costumer must be satisfied.

Write us your suggestions, wishes and desired final goal and we will make you an offer. We will take care of the development of application and setting it to Google play and Apples tore.


Let us know your wishes and we will create an attractive story! You are only a step away from a quality and unique augmented content. Design with creativity and crazy ideas. Contact us and provide your self a complete service.

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Step through the door into another dimension and see an entirely virtual zoological garden, with the use of your mobile device and with the help of AR.

(digital) STILL LIFE

Creating a 3D virtual still life with the help of Augmented Reality that enables the placement of virtual elements into the real world without a tracker.


Making of application for FoS organization based on AR, with a purpose of augmentation of printed material and to promote the organization and its events.


Creation of interactive business card for tourist agency Dragon Lines. Preparing the 3D models, animation, graphics, and final application to show on a mobile device.


Creating an application on basis of Augmented reality, thereby augmenting 2D content – poster. With application we added four animations to the poster.


Participation in the project of creating an application based on augmented reality Guide2Music.
Web page: guide2music