According to your needs, or in frame of 3D design or animation, we also take care for the final render in wanted format and resolution. Rendering of already prepaird documents, in case your computer is not suitable for this work. We take care of lightning or any other details if necessery. We take care for entire service of 3D modelling, animation to the final format or we just make render according to the prepaired document.


We create desired object for you according to the wishes, plans, ground plan, image, sketch or other material. We take care for the textures of the object/s and prepair for final render. When prepairing one or more objects we take care of 3D rendering.

Beside texturing if necessary we take care of suitable lightning and shading, that it get desired final shape. Render depends of the final use – web page, catalogue, magazine, representation of a product or use for other purposes. After mutual agreement we determine how final image should look like.

We can just take care for rendering of your product in case your computer is not able of doing this work. Send us the files in format we agreed, and we will prepair it for final use. If necessary we take care for the lightning in case you have not done that your self. Final format of 3D renders can be JPG, PNG, BMP, TIFF or format for QuickTime – BMP, image, JPEG, Photoshop, PNG or format in desired resolution as we agree.


Besides the preparaiton of 3D models or entire environment or preparaiton of animation acoording to the given scenario, we can in the and export entire animation in agreed format to see in video player. Final format of rendered animation is AVI or QuickTime Movie.

Or you can send us the animation in agreed format, and we will prepair it for final use or render it and export it in agreed format and desired resolution. In case your computer is not strong enough for rendering of video recording, we can prepair it according to your wishes. At the same time we can also make small adjustments if needed.

Send us you inquiry and we will prepair your favourable offer for rendering of shorter or longer animations. Time of rendering depends of the weight of the document and the length of the animation. We can prepair an offer for you after we receive final document or already as part of making the animation


We can create entire environment according to your wishes and plans – interior or exterior spaces, in the end we render everything according to the prior agreement. We can prepair more different images, according to the view, in desired format and resolution. We can also prepair animation and in the end export everything in joint video recording.

We can render environment from agreed angles, in doing so we can prepair the view or you can do that by your self before sending the document. In case you wish, we can prepair the lightning of the spaces according to the needs and desired time of the day – day or night.

Send us your inquiry and we will prepair an offer for you. Rendering of small environments or entire neighborhoods, parks or other spaces. Time of render depends of the weight of the document and demands of final format. An offer can be assembled after the examination of the final document or in as part of making the environment.


Let us know your wishes and we will create an attractive story! You are only a step away from a quality and unique 3D render. Rendering with creativity and crazy ideas. Contact us and provide your self a complete service.

E-mail: 3ddesignmedia@gmail.com | M: +386 (0)40 418 122



Visualization of the interior of a residential house – cabinet, children’s room, dining rom, kitchen, bedroom, living room and corridor.


The project includes the visualization of the entire house with its surroundings according to the client’s wishes, used as a reference for renovation.


The project covers the visualization of the entire house with its surroundings, the study of a combination of the facade, and the wooden part of the exterior.


Visualization of Smart and Digital Lab in Technological Park Ljubljana. The project consisted of visualization of the space inside the object of Technological park.


A project of visualization of the house, balcony, and yard in front of the house. Preparation of the brochure with the legend of materials.


Small project, where we prepared the 3D environment for simple presentation of the layout of retainers on the courtyard with all aditional elements.


Project of visualization of yard around the existing house and analysis of night light. 3D modeling, texturing, element placement and 3D render.


Creating of 3D model of handbag with all balonging elements to wear around your shoulder or otherwise. Final render was in several color variations.


3D modelling of gallery with all the associated elements, textures of elements, lightning of the space and 3D render of the space.


3D modelling of all the elements (stage, instruments, lights and sound system), preparation of the texture for all the elements, stage light and final 3D render.


Designing the poster for International conference about colloids in hotel Union, September 2018. Layout of the elements and defining the background color.


3D modelling and preparation of student room – 3D elements, preparation of textures, lighting of the room and final 3D render.


Preparation and 3D modelling of elements for children’s room, preparation of different textures, lighting of the room, preparation of animation and final 3D render.